The Financial Capital of Germany

If you are coming to the city of Frankfurt but you have very little time on your hand then you don’t need to worry as we bring you a plan that will help you explore the city of Frankfurt in an exciting and fun way. Frankfurt – affectionately called “Mainhatten” – does not only compete with its American counterpart when it comes to the height of the buildings but it also parallels the important financial status held by the American city, which means that a lot of businessmen arrive in Frankfurt every day to conduct important business meetings and deals. Most of them just come for a day to attend the meeting and leave the next morning, despite their wishes to explore the city. They are not able to visit the important sights in Frankfurt which makes their trip quite boring and dull. It is very clear what Frankfurt is known for: “Mainhattan – The Skyline of Germany”. The financial metropolis, with some of the tallest buildings in Europe, has often been the location of numerous well-known films and series. But in addition to the banking district and skyscrapers, Frankfurt has a lot more to offer that you should definitely experience on a city trip to Frankfurt. In Frankfurt, you will have many things to do, from visiting many museums to the historical sights of the city; you will have numerous options to explore the German city culturally. In Frankfurt, you can start the day with a sumptuous breakfast while you can end the day with a beautiful escort girl in your hotel room as you both enjoy a bottle of champagne while making love. We realize the importance of your time and we also want to make your trip to Frankfurt unforgettable that is why we will show you how you can discover the best attractions in Frankfurt and experience the city through a new dimension in just 24 hours.

The Best Way to Explore Frankfurt in 24 Hours

In the morning:

Get out of your feathers and into the fray! How about a sweet start to the day? If you are looking for a sweet delight then head over to the Alex Skyline Plaza where hot waffles are served with cherries and powdered sugar. Along the way, you will get a beautiful view of the amazing skyscrapers of the city that will bowl you over. Once you are done with breakfast, continue your trip by moving towards the city center to visit the Romer. The balcony of the town hall is famous for a lot of things but people fondly remember it due to the grand celebration of the German national soccer team after their 2014 world cup triumph.

At noon:

If you are already in the city center, a stroll on the nearby shopping street “Zeil” is a must. If you are not here for shopping, then you can pay a visit to Palmengarten: the 22-hectare palm garden is one of the largest botanical gardens in Germany. It houses plants from all over the world and is definitely one of the top sights in Frankfurt. Take a deep breath and enjoy the lush green in the middle of the city which is also known as the heart of Germany. This visit will keep you fresh and in a relaxing mood throughout your trip. If you are feeling hungry then treat yourself to a delicious lunch in Café Maingold, which is a charming place to dine at, especially if you are accompanied by someone precious. If you are tired from all the walking, then the Ebbelwei-Express is a good tip. You can easily explore the city with music, pretzels, and the original Frankfurt cider. This is an exciting city tour that covers the main sightseeing attractions of Frankfurt which you can witness all while enjoying a bag of pretzel and a bottle of cider.

In the evening:

Now the day in Frankfurt is slowly coming to an end. The city shines and glitters in the evenings. It’s best to watch the spectacle from above: A viewing platform in the Main Tower offers a fantastic view of “Mainhattan”. If you love to try different cuisines, then visit the Im Herzen Afrikas for dinner. The family-run, African restaurant with original Eritrean cuisine invites you to feast and enjoy. Take a seat on the floor and try your way through the dishes, because that’s what “In the Heart of Africa” ​​does.

At night:

All of Frankfurt is waiting for you with cool bars, chic clubs, and trendy locations. You should pay a visit to the 22nd Lounge & Bar – enjoy the view with cool jazz and drinks! If you like it more casual: In Alt-Sachsenhausen there are lots of quaint pubs just waiting for you. Just leave your everyday worries behind and enjoy every second of the last hours of your perfect day in Frankfurt.

Things You Could Do if You Plan To Stay a Little Longer

In summer, you can chill in the many different beach clubs over the roofs of Frankfurt. These clubs are almost exclusively known to insiders because they are located on the roofs of central buildings and thus guarantee a breathtaking view of Frankfurt. So you can, for example, sip a sundowner in the City Beachclub while letting your legs dangle comfortably in the pool. In winter, the City Beachclub turns into a fascinating ice skating rink. Frankfurt is a lot more than just historical sights and offices of many corporate companies; it is a place where you can do all sorts of thing including a motorboat ride or a delicious candlelight dinner. So if you are planning to take a great city trip to Frankfurt? Then you are now perfectly prepared! And if you don’t want to explore Frankfurt on your own, you can hire an escort model that can serve as your tour guide.